The history of brass band „MADLIENA”

There are long and strong traditions in music and folk art – these are the things which describe Madliena village. There were found records dated 1891, when the first brass band of Aderkaši – Plātere – Taurupe was formed. Instruments were ordered from Germany and music was played in Plātere at Ādmiņu house, later – in Platere culture center “Austrums”. They were really successful, and in 1900 a students` brass and string band was formed.

After the Second World War first brass band was formed 1957. The person of figure was Jānis Rinkuss. He was the one who gathered young guys to play. First musicians were: Eduards Jirgens, Jānis Jēkabsons, Laimonis Ābrams, Aivars Rinkuss, Uldis Atslēdziņš and Jānis Šīrons. After some time, more people joint them: Jānis Rullis, Jūlijs Līdaks, Jēkabs Rozītis and Aldis Kursišs. First concert they played was on the October fest in 1958. Brass band became bigger and bigger with every year. Jānis Rinkuss was the leader of the brass band until year 1970. After he left, Jānis Seržāns took his position. At that time the new culture center in Madliena was built, which became the new home of brass band “MADLIENA”.

From 1973 to 1982 Aivars Jansons, graduate from Riga Culture and Education Technical College, took the leadership over the band. From 1983 until 2013 the bandmaster was Dmitrijs Grozovs. This very interesting, creative and simply dear person was with us during 22 years.

During the time, many generations changed. The first members are only in our memories and black-and-white photos.

Brass band “MADLIENA” is active participant in all state, region and local arrangements. You can always meet us on the stage in Latvian Song and Dance Festivals. “MADLIENA” brass band is even known abroad where the concerts were held: 1969 in Leningrad (USSR), 1995 in Rostock (Germany), 1999 in Schleswig and Kiel (Germany), 2004 in Aidlingen (Germany) and Saint Denis d’Anjou (France). We always bring fun, good mood and humour with us.

From January 2013, Viesturs Lazdiņš has become the artistic director and bandmaster of the orchestra.